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  Impulse Audio was formed in 1985, and started as a full time business in 2000 by Dave and Heather, but its roots go deeper.


As a grade school student in the Chicago suburbs, I started my love for electronics and hi-fi systems. In high school, I chose the A/V department as an alternative to study hall where I learned to repair projectors and other A/V gear and is where I cut my teeth and audio and video production. In 1978, I was approached by a local band to be their sound guy doing weddings parties and the like. After several years with them, I was poached away by another larger band the had a greater following, and better equipment!


As most bands do in time it dissolved but the experience showed me that I could make a living at this, so Impulse Audio was born. I started buying pro sound gear with the help of Bridgewater Custom Sound and built a system for the bar band scene. I devoted a lot of time to making the system easy to setup, with multi pin connectors and patch panels and worked locally in Chicago for several years until I got tired of the whole late night club scene.


I started my commercial sound career at BG Electronics in Skokie IL  installing systems for such clients as Servicemaster, Acco, WW Grainger and Portillos . I was taught by some the leading early industry pros how to do, and not do all things audio.


I then moved to Seattle in 1990 and was able to secure a position with Pacific Sound for a short time, and then with Commercial Sound and Video as their first full time employee. After 3 years with them I was approached by Nick Leibold  with a proposal to work for him. I jumped at it!  During my 6 years with him, I was able to work with some great clients including The Space Needle (remodel) Nordstrom (19 stores), Newcastle Golf and Country Club and GMAC just to name a few.


I also met the love of my life Heather, our bookkeeper. I loved billing day!!!!!!


I chose to leave Leibold and Impulse Audio was again born in 2000 and we have not looked back! After many years in business I cant  imagine it any other way!